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Artists listed on this page create Porcelain dolls from their own original sculpture that has been cast as a Ltd Edition porcelain doll and costumed by the artist themselves.


OOAK art dolls by Stephanie Blythe

Polymer BJD by Kori Butts

Turtle Child Studio Blog

Turtle Child Studio -Etsy

Kori Butts - ODACA link


Viola's Dolls Dollhouse scale


Larisas Divine Creations -BJD


Taito Dolls

Taito Dolls - Deviant Art


Shantti Porcelain Doll - BJD


Korodolls Moving Porcelain dolls


Fate E Folletti Montedragone

By John Ciardi 1916–1986 John Ciardi

Night after night forever the dolls lay stiff
by the children’s dreams.
On the goose-feathers of the rich,   
on the straw of the poor, on the gypsy ground—
wherever the children slept, dolls have been found   
in the subsoil of the small loves stirred again   
by the Finders After Everything. Down lay
the children by their hanks and twists. Night after night   
grew over imagination. The fuzzies shed, the bright   
buttons fell out of the heads, arms ripped, and down   
through goose-feathers, straw; and the gypsy ground   
the dolls sank, and some—the fuzziest and most loved
changed back to string and dust, and the dust moved   
dream-puffs round the Finders’ boots as they dug,   
sieved, brushed, and came on a little clay dog,
and a little stone man, and a little bone girl, that had kept   
their eyes wide open forever, while all the children slept.


Light painted dolls by Ilona

Light painted Doll - Facebook


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